Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sheila's Master Class

I was one of the privileged folks in this class of aspiring masters with a Master! Sheila Waters, doyenne of the calligraphic universe, has us live at her home in rural Pennsylvania where we sit and are SCRIBES for a week. On this "calligraphic vacation", we can live, breathe and eat calligraphy...well, we also did some breathing of fall air on long rural walks, and ate some delicious and nutritious food from her ample kitchen (yeah, trader joes!) and the awesome catered dinners....but this just allowed us to do more lettering for longer and longer! Many of us were working on roman variations: built-up versals, roman lower case, italic in endless variation...some focused on design, some guilding, and some of us just tried a little of everything we saw! Sheila has a huge basement studio with endless flat files of treasures, and she gave a daily demo in her areas of expertise: lettering, layout, color, and, in the photo here, her own tricks for laying gold...
Thanks to all who attended the October session for being so generous and for a relaxing but educational week (I have my "movie recommends" for the next year, I'll tell ya!) and those of you who also aspire to be mini-masters, look into this once-in-a-lifetime class!