Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art Exposé!

Another guts to final story...this is a box created for the show in North Carolina called Work for a Just Peace...and the Neuland in the little opening say: Take Peace, Just Peace...I build these boxes and frames out of basla wood...something I can work with without a lot of power tools!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Furiously working on some new pieces for my show at Indigo, opening next Saturday...decided to redo a couple boxes that either have never been purchased, or that I didn't really like that I'm marrying my piece "Wear on the Outside What You Feel on the Inside" with "Take Peace" from the Pastiche 2 show and making an all purple piece!
Here is a cartoon strip of that was harder than I thought it would be..turns out, I make very strong boxes! Watch for for the finished piece soon!

Here are my improvisations with Big Wet Kisses (downloadable as rubber stamps, or "brushes" from I didn't receive any from anyone I e-mail a valentine I guess I haven't uncovered the Photoshop Artists on my list! When I can teach Photoshop to artists, maybe I can garner some student work!