Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kids Making BOOKS!

They brought me back to Martin County again to conduct workshops in several libraries this summer...two in one day! In one branch I had 38 participants, including the moms and dads! Whew! But we ended up having a blast, and the two hour format meant we had time to write stories in our books (even tho some were "dictated" to a parent). And, of course, they were amusing, sweet and heartfelt.
Now I just need to find libraries that will have me give workshops that are closer to home! Because this is what I love to do...

Son Number One did graduate this year! I forced myself to do a formal italic for his announcment, which I worked on last year in the Sheila Water's workshop and invented a border in photoshop with a "snakes and sticks" motif, a reference to his history as a reptile lover and his drum took a while, but we are proud of his accomplishments!