Thursday, April 17, 2014

This is my Longstitch Multiple Signature Artists Sketchbook class recently at the Island Arts Association Eduction Center in downtown Fernandina Beach!! Look at these proud students and their books! Not the easiest book of book forms in the world, but they stuck to it, after binding a single signature book (most for nomenclature) and binding the longstitch instructions into a slim candy box as the cover

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This sheet of calligraphic "doodles" by my student Candy, a member of the Gulf Coast Scribes, shows me that she is getting comfortable "twisting" the brush ( makes those triangular shapes) and edging in/edging out with a hairline...all key to making good roman caps, with a brush or pen.

This is a Roman Letter focus sheet handout of mine. Those serifs are tricky, and need some agile brush manipulation! So in Edged Brush Xplored, we do a lot of warm ups with flower petals, bamboo, birds, and even zebra stripes, to get students to feel comfortable with turned the edged tool in mid stroke. To the left are excerpts from these warm up handouts...