Friday, March 6, 2009

Graphite Techniques

I will potentially be teaching this workshop twice this I'm getting back to my graphite projects! I'm always excited about teaching calligraphers about drawn lettering, because it frees them up to explore so many new shapes, qualities and shades and shadows...exploring outside the realm of their calligraphic tools, pens, brushes, etc...In the class we review basic drawing skills and build confidence in our ability to see, then apply those techniques to letters. Then those calligraphers can truly call themselves "lettering artists"! The many shades of gray...


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  2. I really enjoyed your graphite techniques course at Island Magic. I was exposed to some of the basic drawing techniques for the first time. The white egg on the white background with the changing light was eyeopening in many ways. It showed me a new way of looking. I have had lots of fun playing with graphite since too! You don't have to worry about pencils spilling (although the graphic powder is another story).