Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just got back from teaching GRAPHITE TECHNIQUES in Phoenix....strictly black and white (and grey, and gray) but O! THE COLOR! at the Phoenix botanical gardens.....I was taken by Nancy Stutman to the Chihuly exhibit (installation) there, with blown glass set into the cactus beds...and many of the cactus are in bloom this time of year! WOW! (this is a slide show with music, click the start arrow to see more images, and turn up the volume to hear a little bill evans jazz) We also visited the butterfly gardens...what a treat!
...And continuing with of my students, Nancy Pilgrim, is a glass bead maker...of course we had a trade for one of my giclee prints and I got some pictures of her beautiful, beautiful multi-layered beads....thank you, nancy, for sharing your talents!
Also, here is some work be my diligent Phoenix Graphite students....

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  1. Hi Eliza! Glad you enjoyed your stay in Arizona. We all really enjoyed your graphite workshop. A nice reminder to look at things in a different way and to look for the shadows.