Monday, February 9, 2009

All the Jazz....

WordPainting-on-the-Ocean 09 (March 25th - 28th)ebbs and flows like the tide....we have a committed band of three students, and not quite the critical mass to rent the condo for that last full week in March...we have had so many folks interested  but peoples lives are obligations often stand in the way of's a shame, because it's truly my favorite thing to teach...bringing people together to learn how to break rules about the paper's surface,  dropping all of their "learned" rules of design, and play with texture, letters, words and wet ink, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, any media that they can think create a completely unique version of their imagination, of their own landscape....when you write into a painting, the linear word-order, sentence-order thing is broken up, words recombine and reform and a new language is invented...and sometimes those paintings "talk back" and give you some fresh perspectives!~ we have had some epiphanies in classes past....and, if not, you can take a long stride on the beach and experience the therapy of fresh air and exercise! Living on an island here on the atlantic coast does have it's advantages, and I like sharing my view with you!

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