Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Etsy Item!
This is the Obama O warm and fuzzy t-shirt...I've been meaning to make them since the election...hope the good feelings haven't worn off....I had made a custom t-shirt patterned after one I saw in a political t-shirt shirt (read: rip off!) and it was a simple, monoline "O" with a little "08" on it...I put it on some exercise t's just to tick people off at the YMCA (I live in a rabidly conservative, rabidly baptist community) and it felt very good, very this is the chia pet version of that monoline O, with all of the warm fuzzy satisfaction at finally feeling proud to see my president, to see his speeches and hear is voice over the radio. If you go to my Etsy store, you will see this item and the other things I have for sale, coptic journals and the like.....

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